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Put Yourself First

Oct 21, 2019

This week I'm interviewing two fantastic female entrepreneurs from the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy in Bradford! This podcast episode is proudly sponsored by Red Bull to celebrate their 8-day business academy that gives wings to social entrepreneurs making a positive difference in their communities. First, I speak with Kayleigh Russant founder of Prom Queen Social Club. Kayleigh is passionate about female skateboarders being seen and having a safe, fun place to come and learn to skateboard! She hosts female-only skate nights and socials. Second up is Regina Zheng, co-founder of Mendü - a self-care company providing tools and resources for women of colour. Specifically, to help them deal with micro-aggressions and other daily stresses they have to handle. Follow Kayleigh and Prom Queen Social Club Their next event - 2nd November Follow Regina and Mendü Their next event - 27th October Find out more about Red Bull Amaphiko Academy