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Put Yourself First

Oct 7, 2019

Catri Barrett, AKA The Curiosity Coach, is passionate about removing the limitations we put on ourselves, in order to live our best life! She has an incredible, inspiring story of overcoming severe mental and physical trauma after a near-death experience, re-building her life and re-connecting to her curiosity. In this podcast you'll learn: - Catri's 3 pillars for living a limitless life - Why curiosity is such an important and natural way of living - Practical tips you can apply TODAY to feel calmer, more positive and connected to yourself - Why self-care and being selfish is the most selfless thing we can do for others! We hope you get loads of value and takeaways from this chat. If you'd like to reach out and continue the conversation, please tag us on Instagram! For specific questions, slide into Catri's DMs. Follow Catri Listen and subscribe to Catri's podcast, The Curiosity Club, in your podcast app! Listen to my interview whilst you're there Catri's Resource: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert Keep in touch! Join the community and get FREE personal growth goodies