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Put Yourself First

Sep 28, 2020

Join the programme Resilience, Rewarded is a brand NEW first of its kind benefits programme for self-employed womxn and female founders in the UK. This week I sit down with founder Fi, who started She Can She Did with a passion to celebrate the highs and lows of female entrepreneurship,...

Sep 21, 2020

JOIN THE SISTERHOOD Today I'm sharing some amazing coaching tools to skyrocket your confidence and self-worth, beat perfectionism, upgrade your abundance mindset and put yourself first! With some FREE coaching tools only included in the Sisterhood membership area. Get access to these...

Sep 14, 2020

What are your core, defining values? What is most important to you in life? Knowing the answers to these questions can unlock so much self-discovery, growth and personal development. So today I'm walking you through some prompts to get there! Follow me on IG -